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Why Mint Office?

We combine our partners world class IT infrastructure with our own proprietary tools and expertise to turn those resources into useful services that we manage and help you leverage at a lower cost, with more benefits, and with less risk than you could hire or contract on your own.

What You Need at Your Speed

Want to start slow and see how it goes? No problem. Each service is stand-alone or when combined together share common data and integrated capabilities. Contact us for special requests and we will build and package a solution just for you to improve your business. Instead of having to coordinate 10+ IT Vendors on your own, let Mint Office be your strategic partner that eliminates the majority of those IT vendors. We provide IT Management Services and Automation that reduce costs and frustration that cause productivity decreases.

The Best Return on Investment

With every service costing one dollar there is no need to spend your time looking for less expensive approaches. All you have to do is tell us what you need and when you need it by and we will to do our best to meet your expecations. Think of us as your IT general contractor where you pre-approve all expenditures so that you retain cost control. We hire and partner with the experts so you don't have to. Try out the ROI calculator to see how much your mileage may vary.

Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Your information is available 24/7 independent of devices or locations so you can focus on strategic initiatives and meeting customer expectaions instead of IT distractions. Think of us as your IT department that will grow as fast as you need it to without the long term overheadi, short term capital expenditure, and time time consuming process to hire IT staff. Any existing equipment can be repurposed internally when it nears end of life y so that you are only paying a portion of the computing power needed at any point in time. Don't miss new opportunities because your IT is underwhelming your customers or unable to adapt to changing market conditions.

Lock It or Lose It

Not sure if you are protected from hacking, malware, having your information held for ransome or even worse your customers financial data being stolen? If so then allow the experts to monitor and take action 24/7 to quickly resolve an issue. Almost all small businesses lack the capabilities and resources to stay on top of this critical concern. Our proactive monitoring and adaptive prevention tools have no other purpose then to avoid being hacked.

No Lingo Bingo

While our self service request system has the most common tasks a gap is inevitable. When that happens you won't have to worry about talking techie with foreign personnel. One person will answer a question or complete a request within minutes and we won't waste your time transferring you all over the place and making you repeat the same information over and over again.

To get more done, focus on the critical tasks while eliminating, delegating, outsourcing, or automating less important activities. I have seen many individuals go from 30 percent to 50 or 60 percent with little effort using this method.

Steven Shapiro

Small and midsized companies are in an especially difficult position as they cope with limited budgets, shortages of IT expertise and even security concerns.

Susie Cummings

The only way you are going to maximize your use of technology is to outsource your use and implementation of it.

Ramon Ray

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are service costs that may not be readily apparent such as migrating data from existing systems to the cloud, changing the setup such as adding or removing an employee, or migrating to a different cloud service. While these costs are not explicity hidden we dont want them to be surprises either.
We provide templates that are self service for the migration process but loading those templates into the system requires customer support to manually import the data at this point. Simple services such as adding or removing an employee will have fixed fees that are less than your time is worth. Our goal is to be able to offload IT work from you that is less costly then you performing the work. Over time we intend to eliminate many service costs with automation.
It depends on how many of services you are migrating to. Each service has details on how long the migration is expected to take depending of the volume and diversity of the information. The openness of your currently to exporting data can be another significant factor. Typical migrations can happen within 1 week with very little disruption to normal business activities.
As easy as it can be is our goal. While we have a no questions asked policy our hope is you will help us understand how we can be better and what we could do so that you stay. All of your information can be exported into spreadsheets or standard formats that should be usable with your next provider.
Yes onsite support is available either from a partner in your area or from our own staff for migration projects. While we are a small fish in a large market our partners have a large market presence in their respective markets which allows us to make sure onsite needs are completed promptly.
While Mint Office is a small business providing management of IT Services and expertise our partners are the some of largest in the hosting industry and provide thousands of all sized businesses hosted hardware and system adminstration administration with 99.99% uptime.
Because if your business is not IT support then your limited resources and focus are being diverted to non-value added actions that will negatively impact your bottom line results that potential investors would have a hard time justifying as a solid decision. Our core competency and purpose is to be an economically feasible way to help small businesses have world class IT support to be competitive with much larger and well funded competitors.
While it is true that we operate on razor thin margins for each of our services when all of those margins are combined together both within and across customers there is sufficient margin to maintain the level of excellence you will experience from us. Econmies of scale and competition between hosting companies is the essential ingredient to managing our costs and increasing our growth over the long term.

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